PCDL Trips Schedule

Last updated: 09-25-2023, 1:10 pm

10-01-2023Dart Bags2 Chicks N A RickFRANK N STEINS
Dang DartsThese 2 AholesSTAG BAR
Armed And HammeredJerk SquadPARTYTIME
3 Drunks N A GingerDart GangPARTYTIME
ByeIs It In YetBye
10-15-20232 Chicks N A RickByeBye
Is It In Yet3 Drunks N A GingerSIDE TRACK
Armed And HammeredDart GangPARTYTIME
Jerk SquadDang DartsPARTYTIME
These 2 AholesDart BagsFISHBOWL
10-22-2023These 2 Aholes2 Chicks N A RickFISHBOWL
Dart BagsJerk SquadFRANK N STEINS
Dart GangDang DartsPARTYTIME
Armed And HammeredIs It In YetPARTYTIME
3 Drunks N A GingerByeBye
10-29-20232 Chicks N A Rick3 Drunks N A GingerPARTYTIME
ByeArmed And HammeredBye
Is It In YetDang DartsSIDE TRACK
Dart GangDart BagsPARTYTIME
Jerk SquadThese 2 AholesPARTYTIME
11-05-2023Jerk Squad2 Chicks N A RickPARTYTIME
These 2 AholesDart GangFISHBOWL
Is It In YetDart BagsSIDE TRACK
Dang DartsByeBye
Armed And Hammered3 Drunks N A GingerPARTYTIME
11-12-20232 Chicks N A RickArmed And HammeredPARTYTIME
3 Drunks N A GingerDang DartsPARTYTIME
ByeDart BagsBye
Is It In YetThese 2 AholesSIDE TRACK
Dart GangJerk SquadPARTYTIME
11-19-20232 Chicks N A RickDang DartsPARTYTIME
Dart BagsArmed And HammeredFRANK N STEINS
These 2 Aholes3 Drunks N A GingerFISHBOWL
Jerk SquadByeBye
Dart GangIs It In YetPARTYTIME
11-26-20232 Chicks N A RickDart GangPARTYTIME
Is It In YetJerk SquadSIDE TRACK
ByeThese 2 AholesBye
3 Drunks N A GingerDart BagsPARTYTIME
Dang DartsArmed And HammeredSTAG BAR
12-03-2023Position nightPosition nightPosition night
12-10-2023Is It In Yet2 Chicks N A RickSIDE TRACK
ByeDart GangBye
3 Drunks N A GingerJerk SquadPARTYTIME
Armed And HammeredThese 2 AholesPARTYTIME
Dang DartsDart BagsSTAG BAR
12-17-20232 Chicks N A RickDart BagsPARTYTIME
These 2 AholesDang DartsFISHBOWL
Jerk SquadArmed And HammeredPARTYTIME
Dart Gang3 Drunks N A GingerPARTYTIME
Is It In YetByeBye
01-07-2024Bye2 Chicks N A RickBye
3 Drunks N A GingerIs It In YetPARTYTIME
Armed And HammeredDart GangPARTYTIME
Dang DartsJerk SquadSTAG BAR
Dart BagsThese 2 AholesFRANK N STEINS
01-14-20242 Chicks N A RickThese 2 AholesPARTYTIME
Jerk SquadDart BagsPARTYTIME
Dart GangDang DartsPARTYTIME
Is It In YetArmed And HammeredSIDE TRACK
Bye3 Drunks N A GingerBye
01-21-20243 Drunks N A Ginger2 Chicks N A RickPARTYTIME
Armed And HammeredByeBye
Dang DartsIs It In YetSTAG BAR
Dart BagsDart GangFRANK N STEINS
These 2 AholesJerk SquadFISHBOWL
02-04-20242 Chicks N A RickJerk SquadPARTYTIME
Dart GangThese 2 AholesPARTYTIME
Is It In YetDart BagsSIDE TRACK
ByeDang DartsBye
3 Drunks N A GingerArmed And HammeredPARTYTIME
02-11-2024Armed And Hammered2 Chicks N A RickPARTYTIME
Dang Darts3 Drunks N A GingerSTAG BAR
Dart BagsByeBye
These 2 AholesIs It In YetFISHBOWL
Jerk SquadDart GangPARTYTIME
02-18-2024Dart Gang2 Chicks N A RickPARTYTIME
Jerk SquadIs It In YetPARTYTIME
These 2 AholesByeBye
Dart Bags3 Drunks N A GingerFRANK N STEINS
Dang DartsArmed And HammeredSTAG BAR
03-03-2024Dang Darts2 Chicks N A RickSTAG BAR
Armed And HammeredDart BagsPARTYTIME
3 Drunks N A GingerThese 2 AholesPARTYTIME
ByeJerk SquadBye
Is It In YetDart GangSIDE TRACK
03-10-20242 Chicks N A RickIs It In YetPARTYTIME
Dart GangByeBye
Jerk Squad3 Drunks N A GingerPARTYTIME
These 2 AholesArmed And HammeredFISHBOWL
Dart BagsDang DartsFRANK N STEINS
03-17-2024Dart Bags2 Chicks N A RickFRANK N STEINS
Dang DartsThese 2 AholesSTAG BAR
Armed And HammeredJerk SquadPARTYTIME
3 Drunks N A GingerDart GangPARTYTIME
ByeIs It In YetBye
03-24-2024Position nightPosition nightPosition night

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